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sorry it’s been so long everybody had no Internet and been on holiday
How are you all doing?
-Beth x x x

hey guys its steph:)

How is everyone doing?

i cut myself again today for the first time in a week. im such a failure i might as well leave life while i have a chance.

good job for being a week clean. your not a one is. there is never a “chance” to leave life.. your here for a reason, you here for me, you here for your family, you here for your friends, you here for you. smile love. stay strong..even the worst storms gotta end -steph

whos online right now?


hey guys, sorry we havent really been on..the password we had wasnt working so we had to change it. were still here to help all of you.stay strong everyone..days get brighter.

LOVE your blog! Made me smile, love the theme too! :) xox

thankyou.Thats what were going for,smiles over tears:) thanks again love:) xo-steph